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      Hey all!

      I'll did another live solo long-form (59+ minutes) ambient guitar improv performance on Sunday night on my weekly online radio show, Nightscaping, on – once again featuring Space along with my Pitchfactor in tandem with a slew of other goodies. I have the link for downloading below. 

      The overall mood of the soundscape tended to be a bit more dark, eerie and moody  this time around…though roughly around the 30:00 mark I switched into a much more serene, gentle and pastoral feel through to the end.

      This time around I worked up a new preset for Space (as opposed to last time, where I was only tweaking the factory ones on the fly). I've felt that the TremoloVerb algo seems somewhat under-represented within the factory presets aside from a few that seem to mainly focus on spastic/quasi-gargling tones using S/H and RANDOM waveforms.

      I've always thought it had real potential for something a bit more rhythmic, so worked up a relatively simple one that's essentially just a gonzo-sized reverb using the RAMP waveform set to 1/4 note stereo pulses. You can hear it start out rather subtly around the 8:45 mark and builds up over time towards a more intense semi-stuttering/gated tone – I found TremoloVerb PERFECT for creating these kinds of rhythmic textures. So much so, that I've decided to probably sell my dedicated tremolo pedal. Space's tremolos totally kicks its azz. Cool

      I also did a bit of the "Random Preset Dance" whilst playing – you know: "Let's see…(click click click)…'Hell's Gate'…OK, let's try that one!" Wink

      This was also the first time I sync'd up the Space and PitchFactor's BPM's using MIDI clock as explained in the Eventide instructional videos…worked wonderfully.

      I also reversed the order between Space and my Boss DD-20 that I use for long looping copmpared to the last one I played a few weeks ago, with much more satisfactory results this time around: I now have Space going into the DD-20 instead of the other way around, so I can now change presets on Space without changing the sound of EVERYTHING looping 'round and 'round in the DD-20 like it was before. LOL

      (and speaking of which: I'm really appreciating Space's preset spillover functions more and more for this kind of thing!)

      I used my Schecter Tempest Blackjack (loaded with Seymour Duncan JB and 59 pickups), the Pitchfactor, SPACE and an array of other units – no synths, samplers or MIDI pickups, just the sound of the guitar itself processed to death beyond recognition. 🙂

      In case anyone would like to hear it, I have the live set now available to download from the Stillstream Archives at the link below:

      (and yes, I am available for gloomy parties, film scores, weird documentary music, Goth Bar Mitzvahs… Wink)

      Enjoy! Smile


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      Amazing.  Really enjoyed it.

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      Thanks caveman! 🙂

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      Very nice soundscapes! Reassuring and healing. And very creative using of Factors, of course! Great work Har!

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      Thanks zikamuricpe, glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

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