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      A way to make a tremolo pattern, something like on the lightfoot labs goatkeeper, Line6 M9 calls it the pattern tremolo. Any way to make that happen where you can program it to specific subdivisions, then tap quarter notes?

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      That's an interesting pedal. It's kind along the lines of the ZVex Seek Wah, Seek Trem, Ringtone, or the Roger Linn AdrenaLinn in that it has a programmable, sequenced oscillator. I've not seen that method for input before. Very cool.

      I put in a request for sequenced modulation, preferably in a way that it could be applied to any effect, but I've not yet heard back from eventide about the idea. I figure they could borrow the sequencing capabilities from the PitchFactor's Harpegiator effect. We'll see if they listen. Maybe in v4?

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