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      I’m using Windows 7 and I think the control app sometimes “forgets” modifications that I make to saved “L-type”presets.

      I create experimental preset lists to work out new ideas.  I build these lists by copying “U-type” presets into the new list, by dragging and dropping factory presets, and/or by copying and pasting presets within an experimental list.  As I add new presets to an experimental list, I rename (within the preset screen), change various parameters, and save the newly modified presets using the save option in the individual preset screen. 

      After saving a modified preset, I use the “back” option to get back to the experimental preset list and  continue to do other things.  It is my understanding that an “L-type” preset is created by saving presets to my experimental list as described above and that the modifications embodied in each saved “L-type” preset should be stable/remembered even after exiting the experimental list. I think I should be able to subsequently open algorithms and access factory presets and still be able to go back to my experimental list to access all of the newly modified and saved presets in tact.  However, I cannot.

      What I discovered is that modifications made to presets in my experimental preset list are erased (even after being saved) after I exit the experimental list, access the algorithm page, select an algorithm, and select a factory preset .   Not only do the parameter changes revert back, but also the preset name. 

      I recently mentioned a different problem in which all preset parameters sometimes get reset to zero.  This is a different problem in which the MODIFICATIONS to L-type presets revert to their prior state even after saving the modified  preset within an experimental preset list.

      If I take the time to “copy-to user-presets” every modified preset is remembered in tact fine.  Restated U-type presets are fine  … modifications are saved and it is fool-proof.  However, (1) creating U-type presets every time I try something new makes the number of user presets EXPLODE and I can’t keep track of everything; and (2) I think the control app is intended to operate differently (to allow me to save an L-type preset to a preset list, tinker with it and save it again, leave, come back, and tinker some more before committing to the creation of a new user-preset).  Otherwise L-type presets are worthless.

      Please consider whether this is a verifiable bug (or just user error)  in this fabulous product and let me know.  In the meantime, I guess I have to copy every preset to user presets every time I touch one.  Many thanks!






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      Further testing seems to show that:

      The “save” feature in the individual preset screen is definitely the cause.  It works until I navigate elsewhere (such as simply selecting the algorithms page or simply closing and restarting the control app) and then the changes that were saved are lost.  It seems the L-type presets get deleted and that even NON-H9 U-type presets are not preserved in the preset list.

      FOR NON-H9 ALGOS:  If I “copy to user presets” right after saving as described, a U-type preset is created.  If I navigate about and come back (as described) the preset in the list is  NOT the saved U-type preset.  It is the prior one placed there (before modification and saving).  However, it is easy to go into the individual preset screen and select the U-type preset from the left side of the screen; saving THAT preset in the list (WITHOUT MODIFICATION) is permanent.  That seems to be the only way to attain permanence.

      FOR H9 ALGOS: If I “copy to user presets” right after saving as described, a U-type preset is created.  If I navigate about and come back, everything is fine … the modifications are remembered. 

      It’s hard to believe this bug exists at this point, but it does (at least on my computer).

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