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      I recently wrote a post about some trouble getting my timefactor recognize the tap tempo from my G-Lab GSC-2 controller. Now that is working ok, but i would like to tap the tempo with the timefactor in bypass mode, so when i set it on the tempo is right. The problem is that when i have the timefactor in bypass mode and i tap the tempo in the controller, the timefactor gets activated. I want it just to recieve the tempo from the tap on the controller but staying bypass. Is that possible?

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      Try this-

      Put TimeFactor Global Tempo to ON.

      Save two identical Presets with your settings into the same Bank. Except save one Preset at 100% DRY.

      Use that preset for your Bypass and then switch to the one next to it for Active.


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      Sounds like you have your TimeFactor set up to go active with the same CC-message as tap tempo has.

      Check from TimeFactor (MIDI functions –> RCV CTL) that BYP and TAP are not having same CC-value.

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