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      What I need to do is sync an external device to the delay time of the Timefactor.  I've enabled the MIDI clock output, but it appears that the only way to control the clock time is via tap tempo.  This is unacceptable for two reasons:  1) I am using both delay channels with different time values (3 seconds and 1/5 seconds).  Tap tempo sets both delays to the same time.  2) I need the delay times to be exactly 3 / 1.5 seconds, not "close" (and, I can't seem to tap a delay time longer than 1.8 seconds anyway).

      So, is there a way to do what I want?


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      Hi Steve,

      Turn Tempo ON (Press Encoder Button).

      Then set Tempo to 80BPM. Set Delay A to Whole note (which will be 3 seconds) and Delay B to Half note (which will be 1.5 seconds)


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      Thanks, worked great!

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