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      I just got another Timefactor. I had one years ago but sold it cause I wasn't too impressed with the Vintage and Tape modes. All in all I knew the TF was an amazing pedal (I had a pitchfactor and love it to death) but I wanted something that did Analog/Tape sims well.

      I recently got another TF, updated it to the latest firmware, which, if I'm not mistake is supposed to have updates to the vintage and tape modes. They do sound better from what I remembered but I still think they could sound way better.

      Like in the Vintage mode. I think the Bit reduction ratio is kind of useless, though I play experimental/noise type stuff, and that bit reducing feature could  be useful, I think overall, it doesn't do the effect justice.

      I'd like to see that bit reduction redone and made more subtle, so it makes the delay more lo-fi but it a more realistic/musical way, it doesn't seem vary musical. Around the "12" mark on it, you get a little noise and then after that it reduces to like distortion. If thats supposed to be vintage/analog emulation, I think it's missing the mark.

      On the Tape mode, I think the filter could be broad. It doesn't get bright enough or Hi Pass, there is too much Low-Pass. I'd like to hear the repeats get brighter as the repeats decay.

      The Line 6 Echo Park is a fair example. I'm not suggesting you model any updates after that, but I'd using it as an example of a pedal that does tape emulation well in my opinion. The Tf sounds fuller but the Echo Park has that essence of tape. I think the TF lacks that for the Tape and Vintage modes. They both need more tape/noise like sound.

      I know the Tape has the SAT, Wow & Flutter controls, which help but could be refined. Like maybe the SAT could be used for adding slight noise/worn tape sound?

      Also the WOW control seems to add a repeater warble after every 3rd or 4th repeat, when the Wow is set to 4 or above. I find that vary inorganic, to consistent, is there a way to change that?


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      The saturation control could play on different aspects of the sound: saturation and randomness of the drop-outs. But for real wow & flutter madness, you can try out Wow & Flutter's pedal by Snazzy FX.

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      I don't want to buy another pedal!! lol I'm not looking for wow and flutter madness but wow and flutter realism. The effects in question still sound digital, the noise, dropouts and randomness you mentioned would be great additions.

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      It would actually be kinda cool if the vintage mode had either a vintage-digital or vintage-analog mode..  the analog mode getting those sweet warm resonant repeats of BBD style pedals.  The filter section is much better now, but still sounds like a vintage digital delay, not so much like an analog one.

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