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      I have purchased 11/24/2016 the “Anthology X Upgrade from Four Plugins” bundle. Until then I’ve owned 5 Plugins. I didn’t received any eMail about the purchase. But your web site showed that an error occured during payment procedure. Paypal informed me that the payment was completed. On my Eventide account the licence is available.

      I know it could take some time until the bundle will appear in the iLok account (24h ?). Okay it was Thanks Giving in the USA and weekend. But I’ve opened a ticket (Helpdesk Call No: 99650) on 11/26/2016. After more than one week I’m still waiting for a change or an answer. The Anthology X bundle is still missing in my iLok account. 

      One day before I had no problems with the purchase of the Precision Time Align Native plugin. And some days later I bought the Tverb. Both were promptly shown on iLok and I received a notification about my purchases.

      Can you give me some hints to fix this problem?


      Thank you in advance.


      Best regards,





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      I just sent you a new Anthology X serial number which you can register to get the Anthology X license deposited to your iLok account.  I apologize that it took so long to get this resolved.  Normally, we take care of these sort of issues in about a day.  I'll look into what happened in your case.

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      thank you very much for your support. Now it works fine yessmiley





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