Any way to delete factory presets from my H9 CORE?

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      just got my H9 CORE and I'm very happy about it so far! Have it paired with the iPad app, updated the firmware etc. Everything seems to be working perfectly.

      Now then, I'd like to start making presets for my algos, but when I try to delete the factory presets the app states "factory presets cannot be deleted"?!

      I want to start with a clean slate.. Does this mean that out of the maximum of 99 presets at my disposal, 25 of them will be permanently reserved for the factory presets?

      Please Tell me I'm missing something.. 


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      Eventide Staff

      You're missing something …

      You can save a preset using the same number as a factory preset, and it will appear to overwrite it. I say "appear" because if you re-initialize the unit, you will get the factory presets back again.

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      So it seems. Very pleased with my H9 indeed!


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