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      My biggest pet peev with th timefactor is that I can't see what BPM i'm currently set at.  Am I missing something? Is there a way to do this?  For instance, I'm playing a song that's in 124….but I remember that last week uped the tempo from 120.  So, I just want to quickly check what setting i'm on.  I don't know of a way to do this…right now I give the aux switch 2 taps, and I see whatever tempo it is that I tapped.  I set the correct tempo and save it.  It's annoying because every time I just want to make sure I'm on the right tempo (or the right patch for that matter…but that's a different subject – this thing needs the ability to name patches) I'm basically guaranteed to have to resave the patch (which is another annoyance, because it takes a looooong time to save).  

      Don't get me wrong…I love my timefactor….it's just that it's pretty cumbersome to use for quick changes.  I'm actually thinking about switching back to my dd-20 for church because the above operation is so easy.  look down at LED see tempo, if wrong turn the knob 2 clicks, hit write twice.  Takes 2 seconds….

       Any suggestions from you TF pro's?

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      Hi there,

      it's quite easy. If you are in Play mode (hold the rightmost switch for two seconds), just tap the switch once to see the current BPM setting. A nice feature: While the BPM value is displayed, you can change it with the Encoder!

      To Eventide: I would suggest implementing this feature for the use with an aux switch. Tapping in the tempo while not in Play mode works perfectly, but the one tap – show BPM feature only works in Play mode and ONLY when you use the tap switch on the unit itself.


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       Yes…that's what I mean…I'm using an aux switch….and I never put the pedal in play mode…just bank mode or whatever it's called.  I'd also love it if there were a way to change the assigment of the main buttons on the timefactor.  For example, right now I have the the standard button assignments on the TF, but my aux switch has tap tempo, bank down, and expression pedal down.  Is there a way that I could have tap tempo, dly A, and dly B, on the main switches and bank +, bank -, and exp pdl on the AUX?

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