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      Big Smile   Just wondering if anyone at Eventide might be willing to give a ballpark time frame on when the new Beta will be released and also what features are expected. The news release about a month ago mentioned volume control and naming presets… and if that's it, then it's worth it, but if there's more than it's even more worth it Wink


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      Eventide Staff

      We're testing the release(s) internally even as I write. Yes, preset naming and output control are at the heart of it. Please bear with us a bit longer.

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      I realize this stuff can take a while- not trying to rush anything…. just jonesin' for my next fix! 

      It's better that it's tested extensively before it gets put out- I get that.

      Thank you!

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      AAAAAhhhhhh Yeeaahhhhhhh! Can't say how much this just made my whole week!

      Great news.

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      And it's off and kickin' I thought there would be a bigger buzz by now!

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      Yeah, I thought there'd be a few more comments by now…

      I installed V3 on all 3 pedals last night. Run into the problem with Update Utility not finding the device (TF in this case) if the MIDI Clock was set to ON. I think the solution is mentioned in a FAQ on the page.

      Thought I'd add a few of my own opinions here… I'll be looking forward to hearing what everyone else thinks, too…

      I haven't had as much time to play with the new features as much as I've been wanting to. So far, I've only made it through the MF. I'll post more of my findings after I get a chance to explorer TF & PF.

      Preset naming is nice. It'll be much easier when FactorLib is updated to support V3, but it's already so much easier than trying to remember if I need 2:1 or 1:2 or 4:1, etc., for a particular song.

      The tweaks to the chorus algorithms are a great improvement. They sounded great before, but now they're just better, more polished and refined.

      The additions to the QWah are really nice, too. Traditional sounding wahs sound like *h*t in a loop, where modulation sounds its best, IMHO. The new sounds, while maybe somewhat traditional (not really) work so much better in a loop context now. I'm sure after some tweaking, I'll be able to find some that will become inspiration for new music. (I love how all 3 Factors have really made music exciting and new, almost like when I got my first "really good" guitar… but I digress.)

      Did notice that preset 10:2 doesn't have a name, while most others do. Actualy, 10:2 seems more like a blank slate for a chorus effect that hasn't been tweaked. I haven't been though each one, so there may be others, but 10:2 is the only one I've found so far.

      One bad thing…Undulator still does not trail when going to bypass mode. As it is, the abrupt ending limits its uses, except possibly at the end of a song when all that's left to do is allow the DDLs to decay completely.

      Anyway, I'm not done with my MF investigation, and haven't started on the TF or PF… Maybe I should call in sick tomorrow… 😉 I'll post more of my opinions later…


      !! Hey Eventide Guys !! Please… just one small favor…. make the VerbFactor…. PLEASE!!!

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      Installation on all three units was easy.  I'm interested in the new organ algorithms for the PF and I'm hoping the loop clicks in the TF will be gone, but whatever the case may be, I'm still happy to see Eventide hard at work supporting their products.

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