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      I recently bought the PitchFactor and I have to say this pedal is AMAZING. Unfortunately since the Beta install, the Pitchfactor has been unpredictable with glitches….

      Cannot located the tuner (was able to with the beta software version)

      The MIDI foot controller I was using yesterday was flawless (I have the pitchfactor set to OMNI) Today all presets activated nicely via controller – all but one. Would not turn on.. Had to manually press the switch on the unit. Will look further into this…

      Sometimes when changing a preset, the billboard lights begin to jump around in a incoherent fashion.

      Presets that were saved are randomly lost.

      Latency problems with harmonies.

      It's the small things that cause me to turn my head and question. Other than that, this pedal has become an intregal sound in my rig. Best effect I've ever owned. Hope to resolve this sooner than later.

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      Eventide Staff

      If you are having problems with the beta release, you might consider going back to the previous version.

      But, it sounds as if you have some kind of hardware problem. If you think that this is the case, you should contact

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      Good morning, from Brazil, I have a PitchFactor and it has the same noise problems coming from the system, I used balanced cables and nothing changes, when I turn on the unit it works for a few minutes and then the noises start, I noticed that some effects accentuate the noises ( Harpegiador , Synthonizer , H910 / H949), already replaces the source, I used a sinusoidal UPS and it continues without conditions of use this unit, unfortunately.

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