Anyone faked a tremolo on Timefactor?

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      Hey guys,

       My friend and I are loving our Time Factors more every day.   Just an amazing machine.   I've been able to come up with superb chorus, reverb and ring mod sounds on it no prob.   Has anyone found a way to 'fake' a tremolo on the timefactor?


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      Anyone?   Bueller?    Anyone?

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      Seriously, if a trem would be possible my mind would be even more blown!

      My TF should arrive next week, but I've been messing with one down at the music store. I've already figured I no longer need a phaser, a rotary, a chorus a reverb, or an analogue delay, the TF does it all!

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      No, but put this as #1 on my list for a software upgrade – have the modulation section be either pitch OR volume modulation

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      I have a tremolo effect preset that I did a while ago.  Not exactly the same as a dedicated trem but I think it is ok.

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      Maybe if you set it to 100% wet and set the subdivision how you want it then tap your tempo? or set your milliseconds?

      I will say, the tremolo on the modfactor is superb…I love my timefactor too, but after getting the modfactor too, I use each one for what they were designed to do and it works awesome.

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      Very interessted here as well! Could you please tell me more about your setting? The pdf doesn't work 🙁

      Thx, Frank

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