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      Just kidding–well not really

      man have I had some techno issues with upgrading to 4.8

      Saw the new graphic compressor plugin so thought I would download it

      needed to update to 4.8

      tried to–bad transfer of firmare–unable to use just kept saying read..write..bad and shut off

      power cycling/re try no good

      eventually had to download boot 2.8 bam which updated system firmware

      now able to download 4.8 but bluetooth pairs but won't recognise on iPhone app/ipad app and mbp/usb says invalid serial number

      so now I've got 4.8 just can't use h9 control or download my backed up presets

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      my boss chorus and digital delay are beckoning me

      hope I can get it sorted

      support have been great but with the time diff here in Aus I normally get an email about 4-5 in am then try to sort before work etc at 6am and this has now gone back and forth for about 4 days!!

      hopefully the graphic/comp alto is worth it

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      After downloading the update, the H9 will flash with "write" or "read". It is actually updating and it could take  a few minutes. So try again your update and let the H9 time to do his job 😉

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      If it's saying invalid serial number after the update, try doing a system restore.  Turn your H9 off and on again with the HotKnob and big wheel pressed.  This will most likely help, but it will restore your H9 to your factory presets.  You said you had your presets in H9 Control though, right?

      Sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with the updating by the way.  The H9 has generally speaking a much more bullet proof updating system than the earlier Factor pedals, but we have had sporadic problems where people need to fix the software responsible for the updating, i.e. the boot loader.

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      Thanks for the help

      nothing working yet

      both blue lights on when pair with ophone

      but connection times out

      have tried numerous system restores (isn't it hot knob and right foots witch key– not hot knob and big button) until says clear– Mac updated sees box and can update firmware but afterwards still won't aallow connection with H9 says invalid series number or just times out

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      isn't it hot knob and right foots witch key– not hot knob and big button

      That restores the system settings. The big wheel and right footswitch restores the system settings and the factory presets and is a bit more thorough.

      When you go into the system mode on the H9, do you see the right serial number there for your unit? To check that, you press the HotKnob and right footswitch to go into system mode, scroll to Utilities, press the HotKnob (I think) to go into Utilities, scroll to SerialNo, and press the HotKnob to go into the SerialNo setting. Pressing the  HotKnob and right footswitch will take you back out of system mode.

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      i did that

      seriel number says -NONE-

      how do I re key series number?

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      how do I re key series number?

      Great. So, now, we know the root of the problem. My colleague, Nick, is going to have to help you with restoring the serial number as only he can do that. I think you already sent an email to about your updating problem on Friday, no? Would you mind sending another quick mail with a link to this thread, the serial number of your H9, and what kind of computer(s) you have? I think I remember you saying you have a Mac, no?

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      Thanks gkellum

      have sent email

      hopefully this will fix it

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      Unit can't be fixed with updates

      have to send back to eventide from here in Australia

      there are some advantages to plug and play stomp boxes!!!

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