Are the Factor series’ input and output jacks built to use TRS?

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      From what I understand, most guitar pedals are built with input and output jacks that are unbalanced by nature. For instance, I would expect something like the Boss DS-1 to have unbalanced jacks. So even if I were to plug a TRS cable into it and out of it, the signal will still be unbalanced because the hardware itself is what determines if a signal is balanced or unbalanced, NOT the type of cable. (Feel free to correct me if my understanding is wrong.)


      I wonder – are the Factor pedals (Mod, Pitch, Time, Space) built to transmit balanced signals if I were to plug a TRS cable into them? Mainly, I would like to know if the two inputs and two outputs are built for this, but I would also to be eager to hear if the Aux jack and Expression jack also hold this capacity. (Although I’m not sure if aux or expression jacks even need TRS support in the first place. I’m wondering about the input and output jacks because those are what will carry an actual audio signal, and I would like to reduce noise and outside interference in my rig as much as possible. But I’m not sure if aux and expression jacks carry an audio signal. As you can see, I’m in the process of learning all of this.)


      So I would love to hear any thoughts or see if any of my logic is incorrect. Thanks!

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      Like most (all ?) stompboxes, the Factor series are unbalanced in and out.

      If you plug in a balanced TRS, it will become unbalanced (the R line will be connected to gound).


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        Nick – thank you so much for the clarification! This is something I have been wondering for a while.

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