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      I currently use Barn 3 and have the two Barn 3 switches assigned to increment up and down, the remaining FS is assigned to activating / deactivating the preset. Obviously cant do without any of those. However, In addition Iwant to be able to activate the Flex facility, but It seems If I want to assign anything else, and however I play it, it is at the expense of one of the three FS already assigned that I can’t do without.

      Am I right, and if so what’s the workaround?

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      I dont fully understand your setup. 

      Other than the two switches on the H9.. how many switches do you have? Is anything plugged into the side of the Barn?

      If I were you, I would use the main Barn 3 switches to increment.. use the H9’s ACTIVE switch to activate, the H9’s TAP switch for tempo.. and plug in an additional AUX switch on the Barn to add a FLEX switch. 


      Unless you dont need tap tempo.. then I would use the right side barn for down, the right side H9 for up, and the left barn for Flex. 

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      Thanks for your help, i’m very encouraged there is a solution to this!   I attach my current settings which are : Active FS – PS on/off; Barn 3 FS’s set to increment and decrement PS, and I dont use the tap at all. So your second recomendation (”you dont need tap tempo.. then I would use the right side barn for down, the right side H9 for up, and the left barn for Flex.”) would be perfect set up for me. However the way I see it is there are only three FS assignments available so I dont see how to map which to which. 

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      Sure, this is easy.


      First, on the H9…. just hold down the right hand button. 

      That will flip it from tap tempo to increment (without activating). If you want that one to decrement (without activating), then hit the hot-knob switch.

      side note-If you are dying for it to increment/decrement AND activate, the H9 wont do it. Maybe someday, but right now no. 

      Then, in H9 control, you assign your aux switches.

      step 1- Pedal–>General settings–>Use Exp pedal, Aux sw, or both–> assign AUX SWITCH

      step 2- Pedal–>Aux Switch Mappings—>Decrement (or increment if you flipped it above)–> set to footswitch 2 (I THINK that is the right hand switch. . experiment if not!)

      step 3 – Pedal–>Aux Switch Mappings—>Performance Switch–> foot switch 1 (I think)


      And that is it!

      Another side note–> foot switch 3 is if you hit both the Barn buttons at once. Toggle Tuner, maybe?




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