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      Hello Eventide

      I have upgraded my PF, MF & TF to ver. 3

      I use the Bypassmode on my factors in DSP-mode.

      In ver 3, switching affects/algorithm with the encoder/swith when the factors are on Bypass results in hickups in the audiostream. 

      This happens on MF and PF but not on the TF (thank gods). 

      This, as far as I remember, didn't happen in earlier versions and it is quite annoying. 

      Is this a problem on my pedals, or is it something others are experiencing?

      If it is a software-issue, I hope it can be corrected in a future-update?

      All the best

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      I've recently purchased a Modfactor with V3 I have noticed this happening too.

      In bank mode, when switching between two banks, say #1 is a phaser and #2 is a flanger, when I press the footswitch to change effects, there is an audible gap (or hiccup as the previous poster said) of a couple of miliseconds, almost like the Modfactor is loading the next effect. This also happens when I turn off one effect, and then go to another effect later on.

      Is this normal? It's kind of bugging me a little bit, as I don't really want to be playing on stage and going to change to a new effect and my sound hiccuping, however briefly it might happen.


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      +1 here, both MF and PF seem to be doing that for me. And same on power-up, there are some interesting sounds… Though you shouldn't be powering pedals up and down when connected to an active audio input…

      Didn't experience that on the beta v. 3 (which I ran on all 3 of my 'Factors since it came out).


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      It could be nice if one of the eventide-guys could comment on this, as it is really annoying that you cannot change effects without getting a serious glitch in the audio-stream.

      Is this to be expected?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – this is to be expected. On all but TF and the earliest MF, loading a new effect requires a complete reconfiguration of the unit, and this cannot be achieved silently. 

      The early MF could load silently, but the downside to this was that it had too much happening at one time, and was very slow in operation and MIDI response. We thought speeding it up was more important. If you think we were wrong, feel free to go back to the earlier version.

      This will apply to (almost) all multi-effect units, not just ours. Obviously, simpler pedals with just one effect type will not have this issue, but they will be … simple.

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      I have both the PitchFactor and Space, this does NOT happen with PitchFactor but DOES happen with Space, also I'm using the Midimate pedalboard to change presets and have tried this changing presets with only using the pedal(s) itself to go from one preset to the next, only Space has this 'glitch'. Again, it sounds like a 'hiccup' when it changes but it DOES have the 'spill' tail AFTER that… Would love a fix! Please!? Great pedals though, totally love these things!!!

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      Thank you nickrose to clarify the problem here!

      I think it is very understandable. All the (rack-based) multieffects I have tried have this problem.

      The reason why I see the problem as more serious on the stompboxes, is because you have the clean soundsignal going through the unit, not like with normal effect-setups through effect-sends from a mixer, in which case the clean signal isn't effected when changing algorithms on the unit.

      If you are using the the Pitchfactor's diatonic effect, and then want to change to the H910/H949 effect, you first bypass the unit, then you have to step through 5 algorithms before you reach H910/H949. Each time you get a large audio-hickup!

      At the moment I have switched to RELAY bypass-mode. In this case I in the above example get a small hickup, when I bypass the unit, and a larger hickup when I turn the next effect on.

      This gives less hickups if you are switching effects alot.

      That said I think the factors are fantastic machines!!!!

      All the best

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