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      I know this has been discussed for the Timefactor before, but has anybody been able to create a good auto swell setting on the Space? I see Strymon have a rather nice swell algo on the BigSky, surely the Space can do something along those lines?? 

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      Though I have the Auto-swell from Line 6 I tried doing the swells with the Tremolo Verb set to Envelope and 100% Wet but sounds shallow and the Verb cuts out when the note dies. I'll try with the DynaVerb next but from my experience nothing beats the volume knob on the Guitar

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      Yeah, I tried a bit with the Treoloverb and the DynaVerb, but wasn't satisfied with either. I though the Dynaverb would have been the best option, but that algo is quite difficult to dial in right.

      Tried a bit more last night and got a pretty decent swell sound using the Blackhole, mix 100% with a bit of pre delay, Gravity set to 0, and a healthy amount of feedback. A little delay before helps, especially from a dark sounding delay like the carbon copy. I'll share the preset later if I get a chance.There's probably a far better sound in there, but this is the best I have so far…..

Viewing 2 reply threads
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