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      Hi, I want to add some features to my H9 to steamline the usage.

      I want to plug in a controller so that I can have two extra buttons that go preset up / preset down. I know the OX9 exists, but I don’t want something that sits under my pedal, I want the controller on a different place of my board.

      Is there anything you can recommend? I don’t want to spend a lot. I see that electro harmonix makes the “triple foot controller”, does it support three extra buttons on the H9? Or one would be wasted?

      Also, once the controller is plugged in, am I free to configure it however I want? Ideally, I would want preset up/ preset down to be the buttons on the H9, on/off and tuner to be the buttons on the controller.

      If three extra buttons are supported I would like preset down / on off / preset up on the controller, tuner and tap on the H9.

      Thank you very much.

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      You can build your own w/ 3 SPST momentary switches and a TRS cable…
      Switches are open-circuit and make a closed/short-circuit to sleeve/ground, etc when pushed.
      Don’t use latching switches w H9, only momentary.

      Button 1 shorts the tip to sleeve [T+S], button 2 shorts the ring to sleeve [R+S], and button 3 shorts both tip and ring simultaneously
      More on this in the manual… easy to build and even easier to program…

      MIDI is also another possibility. Hope this helps get the idea across…

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      P.S. if it helps, limiting the footswitch to 1-2 buttons works too (if building/buying a 3-button seems daunting)

      momentarily ground the tip and that could be your preset UP
      momentarily ground the ring and that could be your preset DOWN
      ignore and dont include the third button (n.b. you can press 1+2 at same time and it will act as 3rd switch anyway!)

      most footswitches work similar to this but use latching switches…
      if you know what you’re doing these could be replaced w momentary SPST switches
      but then you’d be mostly building the thing yourself again. (but finding an old footswitch housing does save time and energy)

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi StSpider,

      The EHX triple aux switch should work. I also recommend the products from Analog Endeavors; make sure you get the boxes wired for Eventide. The easiest way to program aux switch mappings is using H9 Control. Go to the Pedal Settings > General Settings > Use Expression, Aux Switch, or Both and make sure it’s set to “Aux Switch.” Then, go to Pedal Settings > Aux Switch Mappings > and program increment and decrement to the switch you want.


      Personally, I go into the System Settings from the front panel and use the H9’s LEARN feature to automatically sense the switch you’re pressing. Page 34 & 35 of the manual explains how to use the LEARN feature.

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      The Digitech FS3x footswitch works well and can be found for pretty cheap used. Three switches, but you’ll easily find a use for the third (e.g. hotswitch)

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