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      I’m using a Mission SP-H9 expression pedal with my H9.  I am also using a Boss FS-5U momentary pedal off of the SP-H9 to take advantage of the ring assignment function.  I use that pedal to activate the hot switch/middle button function on the pedal.  I have the General Aux setting set to “Both,” and I then typically go into the Aux Pedal settings and set the middle button function to Ring.  To the extent it matters, the H9 is powered off of a new Eventide PowerMax.  I am connecting via bluetooth.  Pedal is running 5.8.2 software.

      PROBLEM:  Every time I turn the H9 off, the pedal function (“Ring”) reverts to preset up/down upon restart.  It’s like the pedal needed me to hit a “save settings” function that I can’t find.

      BACKGROUND:  When it does this, I typically go back into the app and reset all the Aux Pedal settings.  (The General Aux setting typically still shows Both.)  That works, but I’d like to avoid this so that I don’t have to re-setup the pedal each time I use it.

      RELATED?  The pedal also likes to revert to the number of presets upon power cycling.  For example, I once had the pedal setup to show presets 1-22.  Let’s say I then change it in the app (either phone or computer) to include 1-36.  It will then include 1-36 as long as I’ve not powered off.  However, if I power off, it will only show 1-22 again upon powering back up.

      I feel like I’m missing something obvious here.  Any suggestions?

      Many thanks in advance.

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      Eventide Staff

      Not sure that the problem is you.

      It sounds as though it is not saving the settings, which would be a hardware fault.

      If your unit is still under warranty,


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      Will do.  Thx!

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      Just FYI for anyone curious or having the same issue… support pointed me to reinitializing the pedal.  All good again.

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