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      So I’ve been running an aux switcher that is a decent copy of the Digitech 3 switch aux that apparently works well with a H9.

      It was lovely, it did as it was asked and we had lots of fun together.


      BUT THEN!

      At a gig on Friday, it decided to rebel and do alternately nothing, only activate the hot switch with all three switches and then temporarily toggle up and down presets, but not use one as a performance switch.


      I’ve ordered a new TRS cable as an experiment, but is it likely an issue with the aux or is it my H9 who is having the tantrum?


      I have it set to aux switch in settings as it should, have set increment and activate to the respective switches and performance to the 3rd. This was working for me just fine and then has suddenly decided not to.


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      Eventide Staff

      Obviously the H9 is perfect, and it has to be your switch or cable.

      I would suggest that you double-check your H9 settings (mystery changes ?), and, if OK, borrow a switch and cable to check my above hypothesis.


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