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      Hello !

      I'm using a Digitech Fs3x for Bypass and Bank Down my 3 stompboxes (mod/pitch/space) connected in midi.

      the third (tip+ring) Digitech button, I'd like to use the ACTIVE mode :
      when the button is Off, preset is bypassed, when the button is pressed,
      preset is activated.

      It works fine for the 2 midi slave boxes (Pitchfactor/Space). I use a
      Midi CC  ->  RCV CTL>ACT:C2 (the C2 is send by the Modfactor,
      assigned to the Tip+Ring)

      But for the Master midi box
      (Modfactor), I can't use a Midi CC RCV… The footswitch is connected to the
      Modfactor, but the fonction ACT is not mentionned in the Aux Switch
      MENU (only BYP).

      Do you think is there a tip to do that, or it is not possible for the moment ?

      (SWversion 3.0.0[19])

      Thanks, and sorry for the english

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      Exactly this. We need a Activate option in the AUX SWITCH menu.

      An option to make the space and the other Factor pedals use the same preset system would also be hugely appreciated. At the moment Space uses the Pre+/- system and the other Factor pedals use Bank+/- which make them difficult to sync presets with.

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      +1 to an ACT function as an AUX switch option, but…

      The "ACT" function that exists in the MIDI > RCV CC menu (where both ACT and TOG are options) does not latch. That's means when you set up an AUX switch – TIP, Ring or T&R – in XMT CC menu and over as CC you trigger ACT in another pedal when you take your foot off.. it is Bypassed! Even more weird, if the preset in the 2nd pedal was ON, pressing the Aux switch will turn it OFF when you take your foot off.

      Not quite sure how this is meant to work. Perhaps someone can explain how this works in a good setup. Just scratching the surface of MIDI here, I would say what we need is a new function that is similar to ACT but is different in that it





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      +1 for ACT

      …but maybe it has to be a function which a) latches and b) displays the name of the preset inthe billboard – which is not what (it seems) the ACT function does in the XMT CC / RCV CC menu


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