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      slim verhoef

      Hello there, I've recently upgraded to vers. 3 of the software on my TF.

      A problem i am having is that when i assign the aux switch to "Bank down"  and press the switch, it shows the BPM for two seconds rather than confirming the bank number/name i have landed on.
      Very awkward in a live situation. 
      The most frustrating thing is that it toggles also between "rpt on rpt off" as well.

      How can i set the unit so i do not toggle repeat inadvertently  or see the BPM setting

      All i want to see is that i have landed on the bank intended successfully 

      An FYI.. i am using a momentary switch, didn't have this problem with my previous software version (2.0.3 or whatever it was) 

      Thanks in advance to anyone that may help : ) 

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      Eventide Staff

      It sounds as if your AUX switch is also controlling Tempo and REPEAT. You will have to step through the various AUX switch options and turn off the ones you don't want. See the UM for more info.

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      slim verhoef

      Thanks Nick Rose for your help, that sorted it. : )

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