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      3 questions…

      on the time factor….i know the fs300 will control what the on board switches do (bypass//repeat//tap tempo)..but can you make it also do the same thing when in bank mode…(make preset 1 active/inactive—-make preset 2 active/incative—bank up (+).

      can i have my foostwitch control (bypass//repeat//tap tempo) when in play mode and
      (make preset 1 active/inactive—-make preset 2 active/incative—bank up (+) when in bank mode and when I go back and forth between modes will it remeber what the fooswitch is assigned to do?

      what will the 3 button footswitch do by default when in bank mode?

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      Hi ashdash,

       There are choices in the AUX Switch assignment menu called FS1, FS2, and FS3. When you assign an aux switch to any of these, then that aux switch will do what the corresponding onboard footswitch would do in the opposite performance mode. This is so you get both modes at once. 

      For example let's say you assign RING to FS2. In Bank Mode, your "ring" aux switch would control Repeat and in Play Mode your "ring" aux switch would select Preset 2 of the current bank. It automatically changes function based on what mode you are in.Cool, right?



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