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      Hi every1, finaly after 2 years of suffering and frustration and hours of Tap dancing i'd decided to build my own FS300(Digitech). Everything went wel and i can go UP and DOWN with just a tender push! I've always wonderd HOW is it possible that a GIANT name as Eventide with an unmatchable world class quality has ever/never/ever thought about somthing so simple: What go's up, must come down! (~_~)

      I still need to find a way to be able to run through banks(immagine i'm in bank 4 and i want to select preset 1 or 2 of the same bank).

      Please anybody out there in digit. Highway to help me with this!!?


      greetingZ from Amsterdam

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      Think I get what you're saying. You can still select preset 1 and 2 from the main factor box, with preset up on there too. You could have the aux switch programmed to bank down, tap tempo and one extra function (infinite repeat on Timefactor, Flex on Pitchfactor, Brake on Modfactor, not sure about the Space as I haven't hooked up an Aux switch to it yet!) or numerous other things, like an additional instant expression pedal footswitch.

      Hope that helps!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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