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      I have three Factor pedals connected by MIDI and controlled by a MIDI Moose.  So far so good.  

      What can I do if I want clean signal?  Can I use the AUX switch on one pedal and BYPASS all three?  

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      How can I use MIDI and a switch on AUX to bypass all three pedals?  I was able to get the switch on the AUX to work using the AUX SW menu but that just does BYPASS on one pedal.  

      I've looked in the MIDI CC menus but that's a bit beyond me at this point.  

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Steve,

      Sounds like what you need is a MIDI merge box.  The factors only have MIDI xmit/thru and MIDI in.  They cannot do both transmit and thru.  That is, they are only a master or a slave.  If you want your Moose to send messgae via the PF to the other pedals you'll need to have the MIDI output set to Thru, but then the PF wont be able send and control to the other pedals.  Here the Moose is the Master. 

       If, however,  you want the Moose and PF to both be able to control the other pedals you can merge their MIDI outputs in a MIDI merge box to that will send a single MIDI data stream to the other strictly slave pedals. 

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      There are a couple of options. The easiest with your current setup might be to set a certain Program Change number to BYPASS on all three units. Then you could send that Program Change number from the MIDI Moose when you want to Bypass.

      You could also Bypass all three Eventides via an Aux Switch connected to one of them, but in that case you would need a MIDI Merge box if you still wanted to use the MIDI Moose.

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      Thanks for the quick responses.  This is all new but really enjoying it.   Rather than complicating things with the MIDI merge I will program a Moose bypass for now.   


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