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      here's what i'd like to do if possible

      setup timefactor and modfactor both with aux switches and use that in
      the same way you'd use a typical midi controller like a ground control or midimate

      12 buttons total, if each button could be assigned to tx program
      change or cc

      so for example

      have timefactor and 3 aux switch on top row, use the
      first 5 for cc to stomp on/off individual pedals regardless the preset,
      last button bank up

      then on 2nd row the modfactor w/ 3 aux switches with first 5 buttons
      presets and last button bank down?

      if possible just have all 128 program changes / presets, if not possibly 40 banks?
       20 from modfactor, 20 from timefactor?  i think
      right now program change is only sent by activating a bank?

      i don't know if this is a hardware limitation or not…

Viewing 0 reply threads
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