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      Hi, I'm trying to add a single aux switch to toggle hotswitch on/off.

      I've followed all instructions I can find, and all I can get it to do is switch bypass on and off.

      I'm trying a Bespecco VM20 – does anyone know if there's an issue with all of these and I need a new switch or is there something fairly basic I'm missing. 

      i'm getting into aux switch setup, selecting hotswitch and then assigning it to tip and ring. I've also tried assigning tip and ring to FS2 – neither seems to work.


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      The manual does state:

      Notes: 1) You must use a stereo ¼” phone plug to connect Aux Switches.

       Bespeco does state its mono jack only but try this- enter the [AUX SWITCH] menu, change TIP- HOTSW   (not TIP+RING). now toggle the polarity switch until pressing down on the pedal engages the Hotswitch instead of letting it go. I believe you would still need a stereo cable for this but not positive about it.

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      Should have said – I using a stereo cable.

      if the Bespecco is mono only I'll just get a better switch.

      thanks for the info!

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