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      I've just set up an aux switch to set tap tempo on my Time Factor.  When I us it, I can see on the display that it is locking into the tap tempo, but the delay turns off.  It's as if it goes into bypass, but the lights say that it is still active.  The only way I can get the delay back is to switch to bypass and they back to active.

      Also, my first hunch was that perhaps the aux switch was also set to bypass but I checked and that is not the case.

      Surely its not supposed to work this way is it?


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      Eventide Staff

      Each AUX Switch can control more than one thing at the same time. Step through all the Control possibilities and make sure that nothing else is also being actuated.

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      Yeah, I did that.  And then I set each of the three switches via "learn" mode to make sure that the TimeFactor  picked up the correct switch. Next I moved the tap to a different switch and it worked!

      It turns out that the "ring", and the "tip+ring" switches work.  The "tip" switch is the one causing the problem.  It sets the tap tempo okay, but kicks it into bypass (btw, the lights and display on the TimeFactor still show it as active, but my ears tell me it is in bypass, very weird).  Same thing happens if instead I assign it to Repeat.

      Tonight I'll double-check your suggestion (again), and if it still happens, I guess I'll chalk it up to a funky switch.



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