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      Great…thanks for your quick response alan.

      So basically what your saying is that in play mode….i will be able to use my fs300 to bank up through the presets (that I have saved and stored) and with fsw3 make preset 2 active/inactive with fsw2 and make preset 1 active/inactive with fsw1 (exactly what the onboard switches would do in bank mode).

      and that the same is true via fs300 when in bank mode….fsw1 bypass—fsw2 repeat—fsw3 tap tempo…..

      is that right?

      so the "modes" refer to the operating of the onboard switches and what they do…not the operating system of the time factor. If i'm in play mode and use my fs300 to bank up…i'm banking up through the presets that I have saved and stored just as if I were using the onboard switches in bank mode?

      thanks so much!

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       Yes, that's correct.

       There are choices in the AUX Switch assignment menu called FS1, FS2, and
      FS3. When you assign an aux switch to any of these, then that aux switch will do
      what the corresponding onboard footswitch would do in the opposite performance
      mode. This is so you get both modes at once. 

      For example let's say you assign RING to FS2. In Bank Mode, your "ring" aux
      switch would control Repeat and in Play Mode your "ring" aux switch would select
      Preset 2 of the current bank. It automatically changes function based on what
      mode you are in.

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