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      I've just got the FS300 and have set one of the switches to toggle P/B. When I press it, it goes into play mode fine, but when I press it again, it goes back one bank. Eg if i'm in 2:1, press the switch, it goes into play mode for 2:1. Then I press it again and it displays bank 1. I've set Tip as Bk- and experimented with setting P/B for Rng and T+R. The other switch is set for Repeat or Tap Tempo. I've made sure that FS1-3 are not assigned. I've swapped cables. Any other ideas? Anyone else had this problem? 

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      I also tried a single switch, tried Tip, Ring, T+R…nothing fixed it. Could I ask someone else to try this, and post their results? I'd like to know if it is just me, or a problem on all TFs.

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       Hi Roobin – I believe you found a bug.

      I just confirmed with Beta 2.0.2 BETA[4] it has this behavior, which is wrong.

      P/B function should toggle between PLAY mode and BANK mode, not decrement the



Viewing 2 reply threads
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