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      I really like the Stomp layout on the SpaceFactor pedal [Select/Bank UP/Bank Down]

      it's a lot more flexible then the stomp layout of the older three factor pedals [Select A/Select B/Bank UP]

      would it be possible in the next firmware update to include the SpaceFactor's Bank mode stomp layout for the other three pedals?  It would really be appreciated.

      Allowing flexible selection of each stomp (like the flexible setting of the Aux stomps) would give the best results.  I'm sure it's something that can be programmed in the firmware.

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      There are no plans for that yet but perhaps someday if enough people ask for it. If you have more Space and one or more of the Factor Pedals you can always MIDI them together and decide which one you want to use as the master preset selector.


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      The pedals barely all fit on my board. no space to use the midi.

      The downside to midi programming all the banks to sync is that it takes away from the liberty of using the pedals as individual modules.

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      +1 for setting other factor pedals to operate like the space does for preset selection.

      i've also seen quite a few requests for this on the forum. certainly it could be put in as an option, only selectable through the general setup?

      i found that using one factor to send MIDI is not that useful in multi – factor pedal setups since MIDI thru the chain to enable master control from an external interface is more useful. 

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      Totally agree with the suggestion to have the same method of patch changing used on Space avaiilable on the other Factor pedals  Yes

      I own a Space and a ModFactor and the Space is infinitely (pun intended) more usable than the modfactor due to the bank up and down selection option.

      Please, Please, Please let us have this functionality and my gigs will be free of the worry of that accidental extra tap on the bank up switch forcing me to go all the way round again Crying

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      How about adding it as an option to the firmware so the user can either select Space Layout mode versus standard mode from the setting menu?  I swear, Eventide makes some kickass effects but seems to overlook at the simplest functionality from an end user perspective.  See my thread on the play mode and bank mode suggestion.

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      I like the TF, PF, and MF interface a little better than the Space. I guess I prefer 50 banks with 2 presets than 100 presets. 

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      Again, this should be left to the user to decide how to best apply a layout that works.

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