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      Hello everyone,

      As the title indicates I would like your knowledge on some very basic MIDI control issues. I'm using a Time Factor and would like to control changing its presets along with my amp which is connected through a RJM RG 16. As a controller I'm using a Ground Control. For starters I would like to simply switch channels on my amp and at the same time control what presets from the Time Factor to use every time I switch to a different preset on the Ground Control. For some reason, and I'm convinced that I'm doing something wrong, whenever I switch to another preset on the Ground Control strange things happen with the Time Factor, i.e the 'Repeat' function is turned on or the 'Tempo' is switched on/off and so on. 'm guessing I haven't assigned the right MIDI channel on both the GC Pro and the Time Factor. What are the basic steps to simply switching presets on the Time Factor via the Ground Control?



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      Hi Euripides,

      It sounds like the Ground Control is sending MIDI CC messages which are triggering the Repeat  and Tempo changes on the TimeFactor. in the RCV CTL menu of the TimeFactor's MIDI section in System Mode you can de-assign things from being controlled this way.

      I would check the settings on the Ground Control to make sure that it is sending MIDI Program Change messages, which are needed to change Presets on the TimeFactor via MIDI.

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      That's my initial thought too, but I guess my question is more along the lines of what do I do when beginning to set things up from scratch. What settings do I change on the Ground Control (I'm guessing firstly to change the MIDI Channel to the same one as the TF) and what changes do I move on to on the TF itself? Do I change the XMIT or RCV features or both?

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