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      I've got both the TF and MF, love the sounds but need a better solution for live performance, mainly direct access to patches. I tried using an outboard TRS hardware switch, but you can only do bank up/down. You still have to hit the left or middle switch on the pedal itself to choose the patch. So the question is, with an outboard MIDI foot controller, can I achieve direct patch access? I know virtually nothing about MIDI, but will learn if I know up front I can achieve what I need. Thanks. Also, any recommendations for  MIDI foot controllers would be appreciated.

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      Just as the Factor pedal's 3 Footswitches let you select between 2 presets per bank, dedicated MIDI foot controller pedals typically let you select from 10 presets per bank via MIDI. Some have even more buttons for more choices per bank.

      There are many models out there and you should be able to get a lot of info if you do an internet search for "MIDI Foot Controller". 

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