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      I was curious if anybody has used a behringer fcb1010 midi pedal board with an eclipse- I purchased an fcb1010 and have not been able to interface it with my eclipse. The 1010 has two expression pedals, as well as footswitches that can be used to do various midi tasks. I had no trouble getting roland ev5 pedals to work with the eclipse, but am not having any success with the fdb1010. Does anybody have any tips? Thanks…


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       I'm interested in either the Behringer or the Roland FC-300, but still am not sure which one may integrate better with the Eclipse.

       I mainly want to do delay shifts, and volume control, so I may also just settle for a couple EV-5's and use my TC2290 for patch changes.

       SO, is there noone out there using either of these to any large degree with the Eclipse?



      p.s. yes, still reading through the rest of the forum… 

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       Hi Greg

      any MIDI pedalboard will work as MIDI is a standard.

      I have found the Behringer very hard to program. Personally I prefer Rocktron or Ground Control Pro.


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       I've heard the same regarding the Behringer programmability.

      I have also checked out the Rocktron, but may go with the Roland afterall.

      STILL wish there was an editor 🙂   (as well as VST versions of the plugins).


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      I have to disagree somehow. The FCB1010 is indeed horrendous to program on a standalone basis, but it is a delight to program with the PC Editor that can be found on the FCB1010 Yahoo Group (a very active user group).
      The only *pain* is that loading new patches requires to turn off the unit and do a basic 3 step stomp sequence, but it's really easy. In fact, there is a guy who sells for $12 the so-called Uno Firmware that enables to upload new patches without turning it down, and gives yet more flexibility.
      It does take a couple of tedious hours to get the process down, but once you do *and I'd be happy to help you) then it's really great.
      My biggest problem is understanding the MIDI subtleties of the Eventide unit (italo will disagree, but the user manual is not user friendly on MIDI), although I use an H7600 not an Eclipse, but probably same.

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      I would be really interested in the process you used (in laymans terms) for someone configuring the FCB1010 UNO with the Eclipse.

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