Best configuration for multiple H9s in Stereo rig?

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      Hi there,

      I’m currently trying to re-design my pedal board to incorporate my 2 H9s in to a stereo rig with 2 amps – i play a lot of ambient post-rock type stuff, so i tend to use a lot of the shimmer-style sounds with delays etc. on the H9s (shimmer / reverb sounds tend to be on the Standard second H9 in the chain, delays etc. on the first). I was thinking of trying to run the Crushstation algorithms but they tend to not come through whilst i am running through the FX loop – if i switch the front of amp with them then they sound fine, but obviously don’t want to keep switching cables around for this…

      – Should i run the 2 H9s through the FX loop like this? or would i be better off mixing one in FX and one in the front of the amp?

      – Is there a simple way to re-patch things to be able to use things like Crushstation in this current config?

      – What kind of H9 pedal configs / settings should work best for this kind of thing? e.g. wet/dry vs post/pre etc. – currently running a bit of a mixture depending on the patches, but tends to be wet/dry on H9 pedal 1 and 2.

      Obviously I know people will say it depends on the sound / tone you want, and generally i love my shimmer sounds in this config – but alas since the reconfig I have found the washed sounds of the second H9 standard are not as epic (most likely to me fiddling around with the settings, getting too much dry signal etc. on some patches) – just Interested in people’s input and suggestions anyway…

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