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      I have just purchased my h90 for replace 2 old tc electronic m-one.

      my old connection is : Marshall head -> Marshall se100 load box ( unfiltered out )-> Mooer cabx2 IR loader—> m-one 1 ( delay)—> m-one 2 ( reverb) —> mixer Yamaha 16 ch.

      would be the best connection simply replace the two m-ones and set h90 in serial routing??
      I tried to connect the h90 directly to aux sends of mixer like a dry and wet signal , but I prefer to have the mix entirely managed by h90 so I can change preset for solos (with another identical with more out gain)

      ps: usually I play live on backing tracks

      Thank you !


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      Eventide Staff

      Your setup will mostly depend on what you are trying to achieve with the H90, there is no “best” way to do it.

      You could use the H90 between the Mooer and the mixing board to replace your other pedals and it will work great. I would suggest doing it that way if you want to keep it simple and have your rig work the same as it did before.

      There are other options to use the Mooer as an H90 insert, this is shown in the Mooer user manual here:–245.html

      You can follow these instructions on the H90 to set that up:

      Let me know if that helps.

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      Thank you , for your useful suggestions.

      I will try the two solutions.!


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