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      Hi Everyone,

      Hoping to get some thoughts on the best way to get what I need.  I was using a Digitech Wammy pedal to drop my guitar a full step, then when soloing add an octave note above the picked note.  I want to set this up now on my new H90.  I’m assuming I can use a preset in the A slot to drop the whole guitar, and then a preset in B for the octave but I haven’t come up with a good combination of presets for this yet.

      Thanks for any input!

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      Something like this:

      D Droptune + Octaves Up

      The octaves in Preset B are bypassed, by default.  Activate them with the 3rd footswitch on Page 1 of the Perform mode.  2nd footswitch (bypassed) brings you back to standard tuning.

      There are some options on Page 2 for Eb & C tunings, and octaves freeze.  Panning / detuning via EXP1 pedal.


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      Brock, this is awesome thank you!!

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