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      Hi all,

      I am looking for an algorithm in H9 which can create a “controlled” havoc – oscillation similar or even better than the oscillation done by analog delays such as Aqua Puss etc. etc. I tried yesterday the digital and analog delays algorithms but I was not satisfied with the results and i noticed that a dark oscillation is more achievable in algorithms such as MangledVerb, BlackHole. However, the problem is that because those algorithms are mainly reverb – oriented effects I cannot sustain and control (via an expression pedal) the oscillation in the same way as I was controlling it with my analog delay pedaly.  However, I am pretty sure that since the H9 has such a tweekability, there must be a setting and an algorithm which can create a dark oscillation similar with an analog delay pedal. In case anyone achieved that, please let me know how 🙂


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