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      Hi everybody,
      First I apologise for my bad english, I’m french…
      So here is my problem:
      I’ve got a mission engineering (the special H9 gear) who’s directy connected to my H9.
      And I’ve 2 another expression pedals connected to my Voodoo Lab GCP. There IS not two pedals assigned to the same gear of course. But I have a really big humm who stops when I disconnect either the mission who cames with H9 or the one who is connected with GCP.
      I don’t know what to do. So Could you help me?
      Thanx by advance.

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      Eventide Staff

      Je suis desolé, but it sounds as if you have a ground loop in your connections – this is beyond our ability to diagnose.

      Try using different cables, and re-arrange the wiring. Make sure things are only grounded at one place (no more, no less).

      If you cannot fix it, you will probably need to get a local technician to have a look.


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      Thanx for your answer, I just hope I will find a way to solve. I will be back with News.

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      dalmanours wrote:

      Found it ! I have screwed my pedals on my PB who’s metallic… unscrewed them and it’s ok.
      Thanx for help guys !

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