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      I have the space pedal and I love it!!

      Having independant controls for “size” and “decay” is so crucial, something the Cathedral can’t do.

      Here is my issue. I love the “hall” setting, basically just preset #1.

      I wish there was some way to dial the room size up to what would basically be 200-500, considering where 0 and 100 are currently.

      Is there a way to do that? Black hole gives a much larger room sound, but it’s a way different effect!

      I have also tried predelay to simulate that larger room size, but it doesn’t give the effect that I’m looking for.

      Maybe through some sort of mod or firmware update this could be possible? I mean this effect uses software loaded onto the pedal, if I’m understanding it properly.

      If the firmware is written in C, I would imagine that somewhere there is:

      #define HALL_MAX_SIZE 100

      If you could just change that to

      #define HALL_MAX_SIZE 1000

      compile it and upload it, I’ll give it a try!!

      Or maybe there is a way built in already I just don’t know about yet.

      Thank you!!

      This is seriously the most awesome reverb pedal ever.

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      Eventide Staff

      These things are always more difficult than your (or I) think.

      Firstly, it's not written in C, but a proprietary audio module language.

      Probably more importantly, the knobs run from a minimum to a maximum. Each preset has a value that is a proportion of this range.

      Thus, should we change the maximum, every preset that any of our many many loyal  users has saved, would sound different.

      With hindsight, we would have done it differently, but you can see the problem.


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