Blackhole and MangledVerb buggy with Auria pro.

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      Any fixes in the near future for compatibility with Auria pro? I’ve been having major problems since i started using blackhole and mangledverb in my project. I’ve been through the other forums with no results and was led back here for answers.  I’m not the only one having these issues with even tide apps. First off 

      im having to open and close both BH and MV individually before opening Auria just to get the project to load. If it does load I have serious latency in my transport controls, cracking audio, audio spikes that cause complete loss of audio not a cpu spike just a pop. And unworkable latency in edit view. 

      any help would be greatly appreciated 

      loading errors messages with MangledVerb while opening Auria pro

      loss of audio and transport functions

      project not loading50% of the time

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      Eventide Staff


      Sorry to hear that you are having issues with Auria Pro. Can you provide us with some more information to help us troubleshoot your issue?

      First – are you up to date with Auria Pro, Blackhole, and MangledVerb? Additionally, what version of iOS and Auria Pro are you using?

      Are you using AUv3 or Inter-App Audio? You should use AUv3 if at all possible.

      What error messages are you getting with MangledVerb when opening Auria Pro?

      When the project doesn't load, does it crash, or just say that the project couldn't be loaded?


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      iPad 12.9 pro first gen OS 13.5. I am using the latest version of Auria pro V2.25 the error message when starting Auria says (there was an error loading the inter app plugin MangledVerb we recommend opening the app separately from the home screen  closing it and trying again). I’ve been processing my tracks with blackhole and MangledVerb by selecting them through the drop down list in the fx inserts on Auria should I be adding these another way? 

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      I’ve been using the auv3 versions of blackhole and MangledVerb.  Can the MangledVerb auv3 version be used with  Other IAA apps say fab filter for an example  in the same effects chain? 

      when I used av3 versions of blackhole and MangledVerbverb simultaneously on different bus effect chains I consistently had problems.  when I removed MangledVerb the problems disappeared. 

      sorry if this is moving outside of the eventide scope of help questions.

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      I don’t see an update icon so I’m assuming it’s up to date.

      i didn’t see a version number in the App Store or the plugin.

      i saw another conversation in one of the forums about the plugin having difficulty processing a mono track. I’m not sure what else I can add to aid in a resolution to the problem.

      are other users having similar issues with any of the plugins?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hey, based on that error message, it sounds like you're using Inter-App Audio.

      To select AUv3, in the dropdown list you should select the green-colored app name, not the blue-colored app name. This will load the plugin as an AUv3 instance inside of Auria, instead of opening the app separately and routing audio to it as Inter-App Audio. AUv3 should be much more stable, and you can use multiple instances.

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      Eventide Staff

      You can use the MangledVerb AUv3 version in the same chain as IAA apps, I believe.

      It sounds like the only issues are with MangledVerb, then, if removing MangledVerb fixed the issues? Have you confirmed your version of MangledVerb is up to date?

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