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      Hi to all.

      I just purchased BlackHole on PluginDiscount, and a iLok2 in a local store.


      I registered black in computer at home and tranfered the licence intp the key.

      I will use it on mu music compute rthat have no internet.

      The iLok preocedure is a bit unclear to me (english is no my native tongue).

      I installed BlackHole on the comuter (W7 64) and the plug doesn’t show in cubase, as well as the “ilok licence manager” also.


      Blackhole doesn’t show. And whiel on my int ernet computer licences are seen on the key, on the music computer since there is no internet the licence manager says it sees two licences (the other is Slate Digital FG-X) it says they are unknown and appear grey.


      Any hint ?

      Thanks in advance

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      SOrry. I appear a bit unclear.

      I have 2 computers. One on internet, one for music which has no connexion.

      – I d/l the iLok manager, regsitered my plug in, and transfered my licence to the key. One can se the licence on the key, within the iLok licence manager.

      – I installed both licence manager and BlackHole on my music computer.

      – Blackhole doesn”t show in cubase

      – opening the licence manager on the music computer also shw licence but in grey, with no name just a generic ‘licence ‘ term. 

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      Eventide Staff

      Hello Malhomme,


      Can you send me a screenshot of the Blackhole license as it's showing on your music computer which is not connected to the internet?


      Thank You,




      Can you also double check that the Blackhole.dll is in the VST folder that Cubase is scanning?  By the default installation it might not be, but you can change it to use your VST folder.  Please only install the 64 bit version if that's what you are using.

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      Hello I found out do the following

      1) uninstall BlackHole

      2) plug the iLok in before installing, but directly in the computer, not in a USB hub like it was before

      3) resintall BlackHole, and keep it’s default path (instead of my hierarchy of folders)

      4) start cubase –> it works.


      I don’t know what was desicive, either istalling with iLok, either not using a USB hub, or keepeing the default path, I don’t know.

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      Eventide Staff

      My guess is that Cubase was looking at the 32-bit instead of the 64-bit plug-in. Either way, glad you got it working!

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      Maybe, I don’t know. I had not installed the 32 bit plug in before, as i run a 64 bit only system. 

      But with this new install, I changed nothing in the default, so the 32 bit version got installed also.

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