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      Logic Pro X 10.4.8

      Blackhole ver 3.3.1

      MacOS 10.15.4


      Hello – 

      I’m trying to use the “Freeze” function on a stereo instance of Blackhole to create an infinite (actually about 3 minutes) reverb bed for a project.

      I’ve got it on an insert of a Kontakt piano. Sounds lush, expansive & awesome.

      I hit Freeze and the reverb sustains indefinitely, but it sounds like it looses L/R spread. Kind of one-dimensional.

      I turn off Freeze and instantly hear the image widen and sound much bigger / better.

      What can I be doing wrong?

      Many thanks!

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      Eventide Staff


      Unfortunately, this a known issue, and I can't say when/if it might be fixed.

      What you could do to work around it (I've done this in my own projects), is render out the first 15-20 seconds of "FREEZE" audio, and then loop it with a long crossfade. It takes a bit of time for the stereo image to start narrowing, and this way you can get a "frozen" sound indefinitely. Not ideal, but it works.


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