Blackhole prevents Logic X Pro 10.3.3 to startup (after saving project with BH)

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      New owner of Blackhole and Ultratap here.

      I installed it and plugin showed up fine. Now I used Blackhole on a track and it played ok so I saved my project.

      But when I started Logic again Logic will not start up and gives no reason except a detailled report I don’t understand.

      Only after removing Blackhole from my Plugin folder Logic starts up ok. I placed the plugin back to the folder but the same happens again.

      I use Logic X Pro 10.3.3 and I have MACOS El Capitain 10.11.6.

      Hope for your help,




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      Hi Philip,

      Can you confirm you are using the latest version of the iLok license manager? Also, could you please give us the report you are getting?


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      Hi Quin,

      I’m running iLOK 5.0.3 GM (b2559, r44013)

      So what happened this evening:

      I put Blackhole back in my plugins folder and started Logic.

      Then I inserted BH in a track and saved my project and restarted Logic.

      Logic went OK! So problem solved I thought. I repeated it a few times with success.

      After a while I rebooted my MacPro and I got the same problem, Logic gave an error.

      After my dinner I rebooted again and everything went ok.

      So next time it crashes I will send the Error log ok?

      Gr. Phil

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      Well, so far I had no problems since I made this topic.

      Case closed I think and I’m happy.

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