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      Hi! I currently own 2 Factors, but plan on owning all 4 eventually. I would like to mount them to a board, but I don't want to mess up the original backplates. Does anyone know where I'd be able to find blank backplates, or have another solution that might help?

      Another user suggested flipping the plate around, but I found that it puts pressure on the PCB, and I don't want to risk damage.


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      Eventide Staff

      We tend to only get one backplate per unit. 

      One customer sent a unit in for service that had little "figure of 8" pieces attached to it . The backplate mounting screw went through one hole in the 8, the other would have been used to screw it down to a pedal-board. Maybe someone knows where these come from ?

      Otherwise, Velcro is popular.

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      Bike chain links are the solution that was mentioned.  If you wanted to attach them more permanently to the board.

      With regard to velcro, because it won't stick well to the rubber on the bottom, I found that putting duct tape on the rubber and then sticking the velcro to that worked fine.  Even that industrial grade velcro won't adhere to the rubber used.

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      Participant sells the bike chain fixings (I have no connection to them)

      personally I take a blunt table knife and carefully place it under a corner of the rubber …. Gently pry the rubber away from the base…. It will come off in one piece and cleanly…. And can easily be re-applied… Does not mess anything up.

      i understand if you do not want to try it, but I have successfully done this with 5 factor pedals am you would not know if you saw them when I put them back.

      i then use Velcro on the base, but don't cover the label… Again you can peal it off cleanly.

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