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      Just wondering if that has ever crossed your minds at all? It would be a super awesome low cable effects loop setup

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      a hands on bluetooth controller would be great as well, with knobs, etc ..

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      Sorry to necro this…… But I am pondering making one.
      Is the tech sheet for the H9s bluetooth chip known/avaliable?

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      Eventide Staff

      The H9 Bluetooth chip is RN-42-APL. The datasheet for this will be available online.

      But, this will not help you as you would need a lot of our software to connect to it.

      Also, for those who are not aware, there are two different kinds of Bluetooth:

      1) Old Bluetooth, or Bluetooth classic. This is the kind that H9 supports, and apart from us is mainly used for headphones etc.

      2) Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth LE. This is mainly used for battery operated short range control and communications. We would like to use this in the future, but currently don't.


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      Ug thats a bummer. I just made a Bluetooth controller for something else… and I can get it to control the H9 through the IOS app pathway, which is dope, but direct connect would be better still. 



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