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      Tried out the H9 at a gig for the first time last night. Loved it!  I tried out the arpeggiator patches, and had a great time with them.  Big positive reaction from the audience.  I put in my own preset list and tried them all over the course of the night.  Fun fun fun.

      but- the Bluetooth connection wouldn't work for more than a minute or so. I reset the pedal per troubleshooting guidelines, but it kept failing.  Using the pedal on its own was fine, but that's the gravy to this pedal.  It works fine at home.  Anyone else have same issue? Is it wiring/other Bluetooth devices at the bar that caused interference?  

      Thanks to eventide for this forum, and everyone who shares their experiences with their pedals/set ups/etc.  


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      I've never heard of someone having more trouble using Bluetooth at  a gig due to additional interference.  The few problems we have heard of people using Bluetooth in a live setting have come down to power issues.  The power at some venues can be inconsistent, and we have heard of cases where under powering an H9 can affect the Bluetooth connectivity first…

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      john beddoe

      i am searching for an FAQ section for when the ipad wont connect to my H9. I gave up trying to bluetooth them tonight after powering down and up both H9 and ipad, turning on/off bluetooth and my H9 remains undiscoverable

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      Please send an email to with the serial number of your H9 and let us know how you're powering your H9.  And also could you mention in that same mail whether that iPad has ever been able to see the H9?

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