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      I was checking out the update for my BT dongle today… irks me as it’s a brand new dongle (that’s $20) and the first thing its does after installing is tell me there’s an update available (for only $30)…  anyhow, I decided to try it in demo mode. and it works!  now I’m able to connect to Control via BT… but, I have to tell Control each time it loads to manually connect, and also have it use one of the serial ports I added through the Bluesoliel software and not one of it’s own.  I’m using COM8, it was the default selection, and also defaulted to Outgoing, where ports 6 and 7 and Incoming.


      I wonder if there’s a workaround for this or if this has been seen before?


      …and I bought the update :-L

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      Michelle911 wrote:

      I wonder if there's a workaround for this or if this has been seen before?

      I don't think we've heard of anyone connecting that way before.  Typically, people add an H9 as a device using the Device Manager, and after doing so, Windows remembers the H9.  It's great that you managed to get this working, even if setting up the connection is a bit circuitous.

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      the BlueSoliel software seems to be a total replacement for the windows stack.  this cost me a lot of reading and lot of confusion.  you install the BT dongle and software and wonder why it doesn’t work.  so you google…  and google is flooded with BT not working results and what comes up 9 times out of 10 is that (mysteriously) win7 has Disabled its Bluetooth Support Service and that turning it back on fixes things for everyone some people.  well, now I think BlueSoliel disables it so it doesn’t interfere with it’s own stack (UGH)  because it’s working and that service is definitely disabled.

      And yeah…. there’s no H9 in Windows device manager.  it only shows up in my BlueSoliel (god I hate typing that) control panel.

      Thanks, I’m really glad to have got this working, even if I have to manually select my H9 each time I load Control…  would be awesome for that to be automated somehow… maybe another autoit script lol

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