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      Help !

      I control my H9 with my Iphone 4S and the bluetooth.

      Today my Iphone tells me it can't connect to the H9.

      I reset the H9, desactivate and activate bluetooth on h9…

      Then tells to my Iphone "to forget " the H9…

      And now the Iphone don't find the H9 anymore…

      Could someone help me ?


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      Eventide Staff

      You should find a friend with an IOS device and see if that can see your H9. This will give a clue as to where the problem lies.

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      I've just tried with another Iphone and it works…

      (But not the same IOs, that one is 7 mine is 8)

      What should I do ?

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      LA Keys


      Since you said that you've tried with another Iphone and it did work maybe you should try to find an answer via Apple…?

      I mean look a it this way, Eventide can't be responsible to fix the bugs from every single other manufacturers that is making some product that you're somehow using with the H9.

      There's a lot of problem related to bluetooth and none of them are directly caused by the H9, but always because of some hardware or software bugs in another product…

      (No, I don't work for Eventide but would rather have them working on new features for their own products than fixing someone else bugs)

      Just my 0.02$ Wink


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      If I were you, I'd power my iPhone all the way off by long pressing its power button and then turn it on again. This might help.  If not, the next thing to do would be to go into the Settings app.  Under the General tab, there's a section called 'Reset Device' (or something like this).  If you go into that section, there's a button for resetting your device's settings.  This will clear your settings but not delete your apps.  (You'll need to re-enter your WIFI password(s) after using this…)  Clearing out your device's settings could also help with your problem.

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