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      Hi, perhaps someone else uses similar components and has successfully connected them. I have a BluGuitar Amp1, which features MIDI learn function, and an Eventide H90. I would like to control both with a MIDI pedal Tech21 Mongoose. The Eventide is connected to the amplifier using the 4-cable method. The idea is to switch channels on the amplifier and shift presets on the Eventide with one button on the Mongoose. Is this feasible at all? Thank you, A

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      To load different Programs on the H90, you will need to send Program Change messages from your MIDI controller. Once a MIDI controller is connected to the H90’s MIDI input and you have set all of your devices to use the correct MIDI channels, there is no further configuration necessary. For example, send PC10 from your controller, and it will load Program 10 on the H90.

      Sorry, I’m not familiar with the BluGuitar Amp1. You will need to consult that product’s manual for information about the MIDI functionality.

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      Ok. I˝ll try to connect all three and we˝ll see 🙂

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